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HazMat Drill in Rockbridge County

First responders and local hospital workers as well as police departments and HazMat teams from across our area will take part in a full-scale hazardous material drill.

Char Grilled Strip Steaks, Cream Corn Brulee, Double Baked Fingerling Potatoes with Blue Cheese and Bacon, Shrimp and Mushroom Ragout


Hotel Roanoke's Executive Chef Stephen DeMarco shows us how to make char-grilled strip steaks, cream corn brulee, double baked fingerling potatoes with blue cheese and bacon, and shrimp and mushroom ragout.

Great Cloth Diaper Exchange

There's a movement in the parenting world to ditch the plastic diapers and embrace more natural choices.

PetEx this Weekend

PetEx, a two day event all about you and your animals, is coming to the Roanoke Civic Center this weekend.

Roanoke County Supervisors Discuss Environmental Involvement

One question at hand: what should the board of supervisors do about the volunteer group Roanoke County Community Leaders Environmental Action Roundtable?

Some Bedford Town Departments Over Budget

Some departments in the town are either close to or over their predicted budget, particularly public works.

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