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Best of Bruce: Wool Pool

Every year sheep farmers in Rockbridge and Highland counties gather their product in a wool pool. It will be sent to auction in South Carolina.

Best of Bruce: Sheep Shearing

The wool industry used to be an important part of the region's economy. While the fiber is not as popular as it used to be, it provides an important part of some local farmers' livelihood.

Best of Bruce: Railroad Photography

It's usually quiet at night at the Virginia Museum of Transportation, but last Saturday, the rail area out back was alive with activity. More>>

Best of Bruce: Rooster Ruley

Rooster Ruley was a legend among blue grass musicians in Virginia, known as much for his unique character as his highly skilled, old-style banjo playing.

Best of Bruce: Morning News Turns One

We take a look at our show from the beginning to see just how far we've come. More>>

Best of Bruce: Rodeo Bullfighter

The men in charge of keeping the riders safe after they're bucked off have a rough job. More>>

Best of Bruce: Rockbridge Symphony Orchestra

Tomorrow night the Rockbridge Symphony Orchestra will celebrate the life of George Gershwin. More>>

Best of Bruce: Christmas Baskets

A large holiday community effort in our area is underway in Rockbridge County, where hundreds of volunteers package food and toys for families in need. More>>

Best of Bruce: The Nutcracker

There's a lot that goes into a production like the Southwest Virginia Ballet's Nutcracker. More>>

Best of Bruce: Gas Prices

The cost of a gallon of gas has never been higher for this time of year. More>>

Best of Bruce: Civil War Newspapers

A big donation is bringing a world of history to Washington and Lee University. More>>

Best of Bruce: Bob's First Pitch

We get a behind-the-scenes look at Bob's first pitch at the Salem Red Sox last week. More>>