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Lynchburg College Student Attacked, Prompts Lockdown

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A Lynchburg College student fights off her attacker and now the search is on for the man who did it.

It all happened in the 400 block of Lakewood Street in Lynchburg, around 10:30 Monday night.

Police tell us a man jumped out from behind a parked car and grabbed the woman from behind.

She was able to fight off the man, who took off.

Police say he was last seen in the area of Stafford and Kindly Streets.

The attack left the college on lock down for over an hour.

Becky is working on a story in which she takes part in a self defense class.

They are put through various scenarios, in which they must fight off the attacker.

Roanoke City Sheriff Deputy James Murphy spoke to the class, about how to handle a situation, should it happen in real life.

He says, "There's a reason why they do all their bad work at night, they don't want to be seen. And if you're hollering back! leave me alone! help! And the car alarm is going off, they don't want to be seen, that's a big scene, they are getting out of there."

We have a closer look at that class with plenty more advice coming up in Becky's "Out and About segment, on Wednesday, September 7.