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Becky Says: Hey, I Can Flip a Dude Over my Shoulder!

Sooo, this self defense thing seems to be working.

Tonight, we practiced a variety of escapes, take downs and strikes in the self defense class I'm taking.  Unbeknownst to me (well, now I do know) but apparently it's not all that hard to flip a grown man over your shoulder and onto his back.   While I didn't mean to do it, I have to admit I'm pretty darn happy I actually can do it.

It's pretty cool.

We were practicing how to get out of a situation if someone comes up from behind you and hooks their arm around your neck.  I saw what our instructors wanted us to do and thought - no way.

Then, our one instructor put me in the choke hold dealio, I shifted one way and threw him the other way ... and next thing I know he was flipping over my shoulder.

Again, I say, pretty cool.

It took very little strength on my part.  It just goes to show if you learn how to defend yourself properly, you really don't have to exert a ton of energy or wipe yourself out trying to get free.

Next week, we'll actually practice scenarios with a guy who will be wearing full pads.  That way when we zing him across the room - he won't get hurt.

And now I know ... he will in fact be zinged!

Have I said how cool that is?