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Becky Says: Mother Nature is on a Mission

So, haven't flipped anyone over my shoulder today ... haha

BUT, it does appear Mother Nature continues to hand us the smack down.  First the earthquake, then the aftershocks people are still feeling, and now Hurricane Irene steams full speed ahead.

I figure Mother Nature has to take a nap at some point.  I mean, really, all this energy has got to get her tired!

Of course, when it comes to hurricanes, I guess this time of year, we just need to get used to it.  While the damage is never good, it would be nice to get some rain around here.

Mother Nature's "Rain Operations Manager" does in fact seemed to have dozed on the job.  I guess no matter where you work - there are always issues. :)   Now that the hurricane has turned farther north it looks like we might not get anything.

Once she's done laying the smack down on Virginia, maybe she'll go wake him up and order us up some rain.