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Becky Says: Eerie Silence

Hurricane Irene is on her way ... as people are hunkering down for the hit, we may not even get an ounce of rain.

It's so odd to me how my front yard is full of dry, crunchy grass and the people in the eastern part of the state may soon be flooded out of their homes.

I was watching the national news and they reported on how part of  NYC will be evacuated.   Soon, you will hear only crickets in the city that never sleeps.

Jersey shore casinos will close for the first time in decades.

Every channel I turn, there are reports of airlines grounding their flights, Amtrak stopping service in various areas and naval ships moving out of the path of Irene.

It's one of the last weekends of the summer - a great time to hit the beach.  Instead, there will be an eerie silence along the East coast.