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Becky Says: Final Scrimmage in the Books

The final scrimmage is in the books for the Roanoke Valley Women's Soccer league and it was yet again, WAY fun!

Rosters have to be finalized and turned in by the 1st of September so if you have any interest - sign up!  You soooo don't have to be a skilled player.  There are plenty of newbies on the field and plenty of people who have played before - it's a great mix.

This is a pic of just some of the fine women who burned serious calories this past Sunday on the field.


I've played soccer on plenty of teams growing up ... travel teams, high school and our travelling club team for a couple of years in college.   Since then, I've played on rec teams in every city I've moved to for this job.   And I can't say it enough (as you've heard once or twice already:) I am so happy to finally add Roanoke to the list!