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Becky Says: Self Defense - Learn It!

Self Defense.

We all talk about it ... but at least for me, it's not something I spent a lot of time learning.  That is, until now.

For one of my "Out and About with Becky" segments I decided to take part in a self defense class offered at Roanoke's Kirk Family Y.  It's a 5-week class, and this particular session is almost over.

After weeks of repetitive strikes, kicks and escapes ... all to build muscle memory ... we put our skills to the test as one of our instructors placed us in various scenarios.  Each one ended with us having to fight off an attacker.

Even in a controlled setting, at the Y, where you know the guy will stop if you ask ... it is SCARY.  Just the thought of someone that strong coming after you gets your heart pumping.

Tonight, we did a story on a Lynchburg College student attacked by a man who jumped out from behind a car as she walked down the street.  She fought him off - GOOD for her!  It's a scary situation and you hope you won't freeze.

Here's a look at the story we aired tonight in our 10 O'clock news ...

Advice?  Our instructors James Murphy and Mike Wheeler, with the Roanoke City Sheriff's office, say make A LOT OF NOISE ... bad guys strike at night because they don't want to be seen.  If you MAKE A SCENE they are likely to take off because they don't want the attention.

I'll take a much closer look at the self defense class and advice they give coming up in my "Out and About" segment next Wednesday, September 7th.