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Becky Says: I Get to Bust Out my Boots!

Labor Day weekend is upon us.   School buses are all over the road and well, summer vacation is pretty much over.

It really doesn't even affect me.  I work through the summer months and I don't have any school-aged children who have the summer off, but for some reason this year I was a little bummed to see the summer wrap up.

You know, I did have a lot of trips planned this summer ... mainly long weekends and family visits and I think I'm just bummed that all those trips I looked forward to for months - are over.

Oh well, on the flip, I have to say my 2 FAVORITE seasons are Spring and Fall.  I can't wait to pull out the jeans and sweaters and most of all - my  boots!  I love boots!  The fall colors will be out which means a few road trips on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

There, I've talked myself right into being happy about what's ahead!  Summer?  Yes, it was a blast but I guess I am ready to move on.  :)