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Becky Says: Fight For Your Life, Your Family Wants to See You Again

I continue to talk about how I can "flip a dude over my shoulder" because, well - I think it's pretty darn cool.                         






However, I do want to delve further into the self defense class I took.  Roanoke City Sheriff Deputies James Murphy and Mike Wheeler taught the 5-week course at the Kirk Family Y in downtown Roanoke.







After weeks of constant repitition to build muscle memory, in the last class Officer Brian Stump,with the City of Salem, made a guest appearance, suited up in pads and let us take him on.   Let me tell you, he was NOT easy on us.  Of course, as you can see we weren't so easy on him either!


We learned a lot, and now I want to pass along information to all of you.  It could save your life.

1-Make a LOT of noise.  We got into the habit of yelling "Get-Back Now!" with every strike we made.   The cadence helps you breath and the noise draws attention - something the bad guy doesn't like.

2-Don't turn your back - you want to use your arms, legs etc. to fight back.  If you turn your back, it's easier for the bad guy to drag you away.

3-Don't be timid - this is your life being threatened.  You want to go home - and you should fight accordingly.  Know YOU CAN DO IT!

Heck, I'm 5'4" and I flipped 3 different people over my shoulder - it's not about strength, it's about determination and wanting to see you family again.

We also learned a majority of struggles end up on the ground ... don't panic, remember to breath, and use whatever part of your body is free to fight back.

We all ended the class with our f air share of bumps and bruises ... and it was worth it.