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Becky Says: Go Pack Go! ... Who Dey!

Football season has begun!!!!  And I realize that I need to get out and buy some more green and gold!  I also need to get some more orange.

I love the Pack ... covered them for 5 years when I worked at WBAY-TV in Green Bay, WI.

I will always love my Bengals as well.  I was born and raised in Cincinnati and even though we have to put up with owner, Mike Brown and a team full of thugs Warden Lewis brought on, I do still have faith that some day that team will break through and start playing some football again!

I realize green, gold and orange would clash to say the least ... no worries - I won't wear them all at the same time! ... just know you can expect to see a rainbow of colors alternating through my wardrobe each week!  Guess I better get going on that shopping excursion!

Woot-woot!!!  Are you ready for some football?!