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Becky Says: Looking For a Repeat!

So I forgot to mention yesterday how awesome of a sports weekend it had turned out to be!

The Packers won Thursday night.  The Bengals won.  The Brewers won (that's more my husband's thing). My soccer team won!

Now, if only we could hold all that up for a few more months!  And while I'm not a huge baseball fan (sometimes I think I would rather watch paint dry) I would love to see the Brewers head to the World Series.  My Reds sure aren't doing anything exciting and it's nice to see that it's not always the big-name teams heading to championships.

This weekend, the Brewers will play the Reds in my hometown of Cincinnati.  I can't necessarily root against my Reds, but I will be happy for the Brewers if they do well.

Here's to another weekend of wins for my soccer team, Packers and the Bengals!  And I guess maybe the Brewers too.  :)