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Becky Says: Giving Thanks

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We all have something for which we can give thanks. No matter how small or how significant it may be in our lives.

We here at FOX 21/27 want to share people's stories of "Giving Thanks" as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches. Whether it's something that transformed your life, helped bring your family or friends closer together, or if you used the power of prayer or positive thinking to get you through a tough time.

 We hope that by sharing stories of hope with our viewers, it might just brighten someone's day or maybe even help them get through a challenge they are facing in their life.

 Please send your stories to

 Here's a start on my list of things I am thankful for ...

*My family.
*My incredible friends, many of whom I have known most of my life.
*A career that has allowed me to move all over the country and allowed me the opportunity to meet ridiculously interesting and incredible people I may have never otherwise met.
*Can't forget my 2 awesome dogs. They may drive me crazy at times :) but I love them!
*A wonderful home with a GREAT backyard for my 2 year old to play

The list goes on ...

They may not fit in the "life-transforming category" in which a news story would be told ... But, none-the-less, they are all very important to me.