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Becky Says: Handing Over the Keys

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After 6 months of swinging hammers, painting walls and quite honestly building a house from the ground up ... Habitat for Humanity and its volunteers will hand over the keys to the new owners.

Fox 21/27 teamed up with Thrivent for Lutherans and of course, Habitat for Humanity to make the build become a reality for the Sulemon family.

Volunteers showed up on build days from all over Southwest Virginia including people from Roanoke Pride, Americorp, Akzo Nobel, Virginia Western Community College and Jefferson College.

This the 3rd time Fox 21/27 has gotten involved in a Habitat build and every time it amazes me how concrete slab grows into a home in the span of just months ... And the majority of the work comes from volunteers with no background in construction!

It seems like the wall raising ceremony was yesterday.

6 months ago we held a wall raising ceremony to start the build, and tomorrow we are already handing over the keys.