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Becky Says: Spring Cleaning in Autumn

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It may be Fall, but I'm all about the Spring cleaning!

I tend to be, well let's just say "sentimental" and hate to throw things out. That issue has led me to move from state to state with boxes I never unpack. I know, neat-freaks everywhere are starting to twitch. Trust me, I wish I was better at it, but I have come to accept the fact that I'm not.

That being said, I am very proud of the amount of clothes and shoes I have cleaned out of my closets. Several suit coats, boots (which are my fave item - so it was hard) and plenty of other shoes. AND ... I'm not even done yet. I still have to go through bins of jeans etc. I have tucked away in various drawers and plastic "winter clothes" bins.

I'm not sure what overcame me, but I decided this past week I had it with the clutter in my life and decided to clean it out. Many of you would laugh to see my closets after it all as you would wonder how I could consider it no longer cluttered.

Who knows, maybe I'm turning over a new leaf. Maybe I'm on the "road to recovery!" O.K., I don't even believe what I just wrote, but at least I getting rid of some things.

You gotta start somewhere, right?