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Becky says: That blue sky is gorgeous!

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After days of rainy and cool weather I forgot what heat felt like! I know, you sun lovers out there are laughing at the word "heat" ... but c'mon it's up to the low 80's right now!

Of course, after all our rain, and now the warm sunlight streaming in today ... that might just mean those orange mums of mine will grow!  Oh, and that blue sky today is GORGEOUS!!

Fall and Spring are my FAVORITE seasons. I love the color of the changing leaves. I love the bloom of new flowers after a long winter. And both seasons have temperate weather - usually not unbearably hot and not ridiculously cold.

That being said, since I know today's "heat" won't kick off a string of days in the 90's, I can handle it. In fact, according to meteorologist Jeff Haniewich, less humid air moves in over the next several days!

Apparently, we will only reach into the low to mid 60's Saturday.

Bring on the Fall weather ... I CAN'T wait to say brrrr, I'm cold!