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Becky says: Christmas stocking suggestions anyone?

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Does anyone know where I can buy a Christmas stocking for my 2 year old that involves a charity?

His Easter basket came from The Blessing Basket Project.  It ensures the artisans who live in impoverished countries get the fair trade value for their craft.  His basket came all the way around the world from Ghana.

Now, I hope his Christmas stocking will bring as much meaning.  But I have had no luck finding anything except from big companies, like Pottery Barn Kids.  I'll buy from them if need be, I have no issues, but I would really like to have a charity or a non-profit gain from the purchase.

The stocking doesn't necessarily have to be an international non-profit, in fact, if it goes to help someone in our own community, I'm all about it.

I just want a good quality, unique stocking he can keep forever.  I still have my very same stocking from childhood, and I hope he will be able to keep his for decades to come. 

Any suggestions?