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Becky says: I love to clean and press!

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Just learned how to "clean and press" the correct way. Or maybe it was just clean? ...And not press?

Either way - I'm not talking about laundry.

I'm talking about weightlifting, and thanks to Crossfit Blacksburg, I learned how to clean my measly 61 pounds the right way. I'd like to think I could have done plenty more weight, if I only had to do one -- but I actually had to do 30!

When I heard 30, I did silently think - Ha, what-ev-er. BUT - I did it! ... and wow did that just one move - 30 times in a row - kick my rear! In just minutes I was pouring sweat and was out of breath. Who knew?? Well, obviously, the Crossfit coaches did - and now so do I.

Oh, as for laundry - forget it. Heck, I still do what I like to call the "Becky Special" - a quick load of anything and everything. If it's in my laundry bag (yes, still use the one I had in college) then it's going in the laundry!

Think I'll stick with the weights. :)