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Becky says: Kickin' it Old School

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I stumbled upon a old school hip hop station and I can't get enough of it!

My car is in the shop, and my husband is driving his work car this week ... So I've been driving his car. While I listen to regular ol' radio, he has Sirius, and that is where I found what might be one of my favorite station EVER.

It plays hip hop from the 80's and wow, does it bring me back. All I need to do is find those turquoise blue, 18 zipper, parachute pants of mine! I wonder where those ended up? I really wish I would have kept those - they would be hilarious to bust out now.

I don't want to have all the fun here - you've got to listen to Joy and Pain by Rob Base, a 1988 special!  They also had Grandmaster Flash and the list goes on and on!  LOVIN' it!

So, if by any chance, you pass me on the road and see me all alone cracking up in the car, singing or dancing -- or doing all three -- just know I have not lost my mind, I'm just lost in the 80's somewhere!