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Becky says: Great sports weekend!

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It was a darn good sports weekend!

The Bengals won! I know, I won't get used to it. The Packers won! The Brewers won! The Badgers won. (That was more for my husband) My Ohio University Bobcats won! ... My soccer team, well maybe next time. :)

Overall, not much I can complain about. Not only was it a spectacular sports weekend, but I also got a TON done around the house! I started on painting the shed. Henry finally has clothes in his drawers and closet that fit ... all high-water pants are out! That first cold snap makes you quickly realize how much he's grown in the last several months!

I also got rid of an unbelievable amount of clothes and shoes from my closet that I don't wear anymore. Let's just say I'm a bit sentimental and tend to hold onto a lot of things way longer than I should ... or, as my mom says, I'm just a pack-rat. You never know when you might want to wear something again!

The Bengals will most likely go no where with their win. That's fine, I'm a life-long fan. I'm used to it. BUT - let's hope some of those other wins roll right into repeats next weekend!!