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Becky says: Costume ideas anyone?

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Halloween will be here soon, and I have to figure out how to dress up Henry.

While I like other kids in cute pumpkin outfits etc. it's just not me.

For his first Halloween, he was a whoopee cushion. It rocked. Last year, he was an 80's rocker. This year we wanted to dress him up as the main guy in the movie titled "Kick Ass," (just a movie title - not my words) but apparently it only come in an adult version.

So, now we are stumped.

I grabbed a hand-me-down pirate outfit from a friend as back up. But really, if I'm already slacking and just settling, well I'll feel like a loser mom.  O. K., maybe I won't, but I feel I should try a little harder, after all, we do still have time, right?

So, any costume suggestions I will gladly take. 

And remember, cute little pumpkin is out.