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Tuesday's Kids: Meet Aaryanna, D.J. and Maria

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Hundreds of kids throughout Southwest Virginia continue their search for their forever home.

Each Tuesday night, we introduce you to one of those kids who hopes you might just be able to help them.

Tonight, hold on tight! We have the energy of three kids coming at you!

Aaryanna, Demetrius, or D.J., and Maria.

Aaryanna is the oldest at 10.

She's in the 4th grade and tells us she's shy, but that girl loved the camera!

She enjoys ballet and wants to be a cheerleader.

And she's a fan of Hannah  Montana.

D.J. is 9 years old.

He likes playing soccer and touch football, and enjoys swimming as well.

He's a big Hokie fan.

His favorite food is macaroni and cheese.

And he says while he's not a fan of Justin Bieber, he does like his music.

Maria is the youngest.

She's 8 years old.

She also likes to swim and does gymnastics.

Like her big sister, she likes Hannah Montana. She also likes Sponge Bob and I-Carly.

If you can help this trio find their forever home, go to Depaul Community Resources' website at depaulcr.org or you can call them at 540-265-8923.