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Becky says: Holy Airfare!!!

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Ummm really?  Airfare is RIDICULOUS for the Thanksgiving Day weekend.  My husband and I looked into flying back to Wisconsin to visit his family and it would cost anywhere from $870 to $1200 dollars PER PERSON. ... and there's 3 of us.

Last time we flew up there it was a hot mess and we got vouchers as an apology.  Let me tell you, the vouchers we received won't even cover ONE ticket.  Have I said ridiculous yet?

Accordingly, we decided Wisconsin for Thanksgiving won't be happening.

What will happen though ... a random weekend in December.  The airfare then?  $405.  Yep, you are reading that correctly - less than half of the price over the Thanksgiving weekend.

The vouchers won't cover the cost for all three of us, but for the December trip, it will cover a significant chunk of it.