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Becky says: Hello crystal clear blue waters!

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So, my cousin just told the family today that her wedding will be on a cruise! I'm all about it and ready to go -- today!

I hadn't exactly planned to drop that kind of cash, but for such an event ... Hey, that's what plastic is for! I know, every financial/credit counselor out there is cringing. Don't worry, that stressed feeling doesn't last long. :)

Onto my excitement :) :) :) :) I haven't been on a cruise since I was a kid. That being said, I'm now trying to decide if I should now bring mine??? My cousin said they have plenty of kid friendly things to do and I think even a childcare. I will definitely have to check into that.

The other option is to of course leave him at home with a great friend who I trust immensely. He is only 2 after all, it's not like he has a whole lot of knowledge about cruises or even knows what one is. Of course, the moment he got there, He'd learn really fast how awesome they are!

Can you tell I'm a little geeked out?!

Watch out crystal blue waters -- here I come!!!!