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Becky says: Have to give a shout out!

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Yep, those are my toes, if you don't like feet - sorry! :)

I have quite a few breast cancer awareness events to attend over the next few days ... accordingly I decided to deck out my nails to show support.

I have a silent auction event at the Roanoke Country Club, the Pajama Jam at Hotel Roanoke, and the Positively Pink Parade at Valley view Mall...all great events and all for an awesome cause.

Of course, I'm digging out all my pink clothes as well ... but why stop there?!

I don't do the whole mani/pedi thing often and when I do, I tend to keep my fingernails pretty low-key, however, when it comes to my toes - what the heck!

This time around - I left Polished with the coolest and craziest black, white and pink ribbon toenails ever!

I think it would be great to have a job that makes people feel good about themselves. So, I couldn't go without giving a shout out to Ebony! She excels at her job - which is truly a work of art.

From silent auctions, to pajamas, to a parade, I'll be wearing plenty of pink and showing off Ebony's artwork everywhere I go.