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Becky says: I need more pink!

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Every October I realize I need more pink in my closet.

Today, I helped out with the Pink Ribbon Tennis Event luncheon at the Roanoke Country Club. I wore a pink dress accordingly.

Tomorrow, I will help emcee Robynn Jaymes' Star Country Pajama Jam, I will be wearing pink socks, slippers and P.J.s.

The next day, I will help host the Positively Pink Parade, and I think I'm out of pink.

Maybe I could just wear my pajamas from the night before, roll out of bed and head right over the parade?! BUT ... plenty of people will notice I am sure, because there will be a lot of the same people. Who knows, maybe they too will be wearing their pajamas from the night before.

I think I need to stop blogging and start searching.

Off to my closet ... catch ya later.