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Becky says: A rock decided to befriend my windshield

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I am the lucky recipient of a rock to the windshield and now must find a company to replace it.

They all give that whole "is the crack bigger than a dollar bill" rundown. It makes me wonder how many people actually grab a dollar bill and head out to their car to measure. I never have ... But I think this time the crack fits into the "bigger than a dollar bill" category. Bummer.

Of course, this all happens during the month my state inspection is due and I figure it won't pass with that nice ding on the windshield. Besides, I should probably get it fixed anyway.

Have you ever noticed how true the phrase "it's always something" really is? I just had the car in the shop, got it all tuned up, looked over ... you know, kinda like a day at the car spa and thought - perfect we're set to go, oil is topped off, any burnt out lights are fixed - we're good to go.

Then, wham! some random rock decided it wanted to get to know my windshield a little better. What was a little chip - WAY smaller than a dollar bill - turned into a hardcore crack within hours.

Dandy. Love it.

Off to shop for estimates.