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Becky says: Help a pack rat out ...oh, and stay away TLC

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Has anyone ever hired one of those "professional organizers" who come in and well, do just that, organize you home? If so, are they worth it?

I have now seen such a service pop up on another online coupon service for a second time, and both times I have thought ... Huh, I could use one of those.

But I never jump on it. Quite honestly, because I think a 2 hour service would only nick the surface and end up with me paying a lot more to keep them around for, oh, I don't know ... weeks. :)

What I need to do is hire a babysitter to take my 2 year old OUT of the house for an entire day. Then, conquer the clutter. Go through drawers, closets and especially the attic and storage room in the basement and THROW THINGS OUT.

I tend to be a bit, oh I guess you could call it sentimental ... O. K., O. K. we could just call it, like it is ... and stick with pack rat. Either way I have too much junk and it needs to be gone.

Back to my thought ... I wonder if those professional organizers are really worth it.