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Becky says: The Fall soccer season flew by!

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I feel like it was just yesterday that I was blogging about how ridiculously excited I was about Roanoke finally getting a women's soccer league and now there's only one game left this season!

I must say (again) how great it is to have finally gotten to play soccer again.  I couldn't believe when I moved here, that such a league didn't exist.

Come the spring session, we might even get to add more teams!  Who knows - but I do know there were women who have already shown interest in wanting to play next season.

It would be great if we can get this thing to grow - grow - grow!   And I see no reason it should do anything but.  The women are great, the games are a blast, and ... I'm having so much fun I forget I'm burning calories!

If you are even remotely thinking you might want to play - just do it!  It's WAY cheaper than a gym membership and you get to meet some new people.

Oh, guess I should hook you up with a link ... Just click here for the Roanoke Valley Women's Soccer League.  It has all the info you'll need.