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Becky says: Calling all women volleyball players!

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Who wants to play volleyball?!

Now that the soccer season is wrapping up, people on my team have been talking about starting up a volleyball team over the winter season.  Right now, there's no women's league.

We thought, we got a women's soccer league up and running, why not try it out with volleyball?   

So, who's interested?!

Seriously, I think the word is, if we can get enough women for 6 teams, we can start up a women's league.  There has got to be enough women interested in playing.  We just have to find them.

So, calling all women volleyball players ... and women who just want to meet a few new friends and burn some calories - come out and play!

Currently, the Roanoke Valley Volleyball Association has co-ed teams and I hear they are a ton of fun.  So, I say let's rally the female troops, start up a women's league and go burn some calories!

I know, lame battle cry ... but seriously, I have no doubt it would be a ton of fun.

**People are asking how to join ... please send me your name and email, and any friends who are interested and I'll pass them along.  A friend has been kind enough to take on the task of keeping the running list of women who are interested.   We'll need about 64 women - WE CAN DO THIS! :)