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Becky says: The mums are history

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So, looks like any high hopes I had for my orange mums have been dead-headed away.  Yep, these used to be orange.

Now what brown nasty flowers you see in this picture have been dead-headed and tossed.

No idea what I did ... Or didn't do, but either way - it didn't work out so well for these poor flowers.

I have to say, now that I dead-headed the plants, at least my flower boxes look like they are filled with greens ... not pathetic flowers hanging on to life by a thread.

I've always said I'm not a green thumb, but I think this attempt may be hands-down, what one would call an epic fail.  I mean really.  Who can't plant some flowers in dirt (that said it "feeds plants for up to 6 months" -whatever) and watch them grow.  Of course, we all know who.  Zip it.  :)

At least winter is ahead.  I can just blame it on freezing temperatures soon.

I would ask for advice like in the past ... But I think my lack of a green thumb is beyond help.