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Becky says: Sugar crash!

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I didn't trick or treat tonight.  Accordingly, I didn't eat a ton of sugar, or walk around in the cold ...

So, why is it I feel as though I am on the bottom of a huge sugar crash?!  I have 3 more hours before I get home and can even think about sleeping.  Must - keep - moving ... But I am soooooo tired.

Of course, there's enough sugar around to keep me on a buzz for a week.  So, I guess I could indulge in a few skittles to get me through.

I was home over dinner break and my little guy got back from trick or treating with friends and wow, did he score some serious loot.  My goal now, is to get rid of all that sugar as soon as possible without me or my little dude eating it all.  Of course, maybe that's where my husband comes into play - he can eat whatever he wants!

Alright, I need to stop blogging and get up and walk around for a minute or I might fall asleep 
mid-sentence.   I'm sure I'm really enticing all of you to watch the newscast tonight - watch Becky fall asleep ... good thing I'm not in charge of promotions!