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Becky says: Ready or not, here come the holidays!

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Thanksgiving is right around the bend - that means Christmas is fast approaching and I have very LITTLE of my shopping done this year.

The last few years, I have been good at buying gifts throughout the year so I can spread out the expense.  This time around, however, it looks like I'll need to find some fat cash and soon, because I has some serious shopping to do.

I also have most of my shopping done by now because I have ideas as to what I should get for people.  Right now, I remain stumped on what to get pretty much everyone.

Safe to say, I am not prepared for this holiday season.  

For now, I just plan to eat a lot of food on Thanksgiving and hang out with family and friends.  

As for gifts, I'm hoping that will just kind of fall into place.   Here's hoping ...