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Becky says: It's National Adoption Month

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November is National Adoption Month.  It's a chance for the people who work to get children adopted and the legal system to really make a push to get children into permanent homes.

It's a push made by the adoptive families themselves, advocates who work in the field of adoption and foster care, judges, lawyers ... it's a large group of people with a big mission.

In the midst of it all, November 19th to be exact, is National Adoption day.   A day to celebrate adoptive families, and a day when courts across the country will open their doors to finalize the adoptions of children.

According to, since 2000, the adoptions of more than 35,000 children have been finalized on National Adoption Day.

Coming up next Wednesday, during my "Out and About with Becky" segment in which we are "giving Thanks" all month long ... we introduce you to the Bourne family.  Thanks to adoption, the family of four will spend their first holiday season together as a family.

As we tell viewers during "Tuesday's Kids" segment, if you're interested in foster care or adoption, contact DePaul Community Resources.  You can call them at 540-265-8923 or click here on their web site