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Becky says: Time change ...erg.

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It amazes me how much I now loathe the whole "fall back" time change.

Without a child, of course, I loved it - heck you got an extra hour to sleep in, get things done, hang out on an awesome fall day, etc.

Now that I have a child, that one hour time change, on one day, almost a week a go, is still torturing me.  He gets up at the same time each morning, but since we've changed the clocks on him, it's way too early for me.

Apparently, it's way too early for him as well.  This morning, when my husband when into his room, he was crying in his crib that he wanted to go back to sleep.  BUT ... we are never that lucky.  Instead, he stays up and is a hot mess ... crying, fussy etc.

Any 'ol time this all wants to iron itself out will be great with me ... sooner than later please.  I'm exhausted.