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Becky says: Happy Nerd New Year!

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Yep, I'm a dork like that.  I think it's completely cool, but quite honestly, it means nothing to me personally.

I just wonder if there will be a baby born at 11:11 on 11.11.11 - again, just think it's really cool.

Or, to have your golden birthday today ... turn 11 on 11.11.11.

Do I have any big plans scheduled for 11.11.11?  Nope.  I headed into work early to shoot a couple promos, met with our insurance lady for open enrollment, plan to right one of my Out and About stories, anchor the news and head home.

Apparently, there won't be another binary date (all ones or zeros) for another 88 years ... January 1, 2100.

Just check out this article in the Huffington Post, it tells you all about this fine day some are calling a "Nerd New Year."

Speaking of nerd ... here's another dorky fact ... grab a calculator, unless you prefer to use your mathematical brain, 11-11-11=-11 

Maybe I should have better planned for such a rare event.  For those of you who have, I say "Happy Nerd New Year!"  I hope you enjoy every moment of 11-11-11!

Oh, and don't forget to make a wish when the clock hits 11:11!