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Becky says: Monster Trucks!

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Yep, I channeled the "dirt and mud" side of my personality and headed out to the monster trucks show this weekend.

My 2 year old discovered monster trucks one day this summer on some channel as we flipped through, and he has been hooked ever since.  So, when my husband and I heard there would be monster trucks headed our way, we couldn't deny him the up close and personal look.

He LOVED it!

We did, of course, put on those headphone dealios on him to help with the noise, but wow was it still loud!  Oh, and the exhaust ... I am certain I will not get parent of the year for letting him inhale all those fumes.

It was a first time experience for all of us, and if the show comes through again, I may be gracious enough to step aside, and let my husband go for a little father/son bonding.  

I'm just that nice. :)