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Becky says: Giving Thanks throughout November

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Tonight, we continue our November "Giving Thanks" theme for "Out and About with Becky."

Tonight we introduce you to the McClellan family.  The family of five has dealt with their share of heartache, after their youngest, 10 year old Allyson, was diagnosed with cancer - twice in her young life.

She fought and won her first battle against cancer when she was just 18 months old.  Then, after more than 5 years cancer free, in 2008, cancer came back.  She was 7 years old.

Once again, Allyson is cancer free, and has been for 3 years.  She, her older siblings, Nathan and Emily and her parents Michelle and Chris have learned to give thanks for everyday they have together.

Tune in tonight at 10, for "Out and About with Becky" as we are "Giving Thanks" throughout the month of November.