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Becky says: Hey bigger dress size, here I come!

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No wonder people gain weight during the holiday season.  It technically hasn't even begun yet and today kicked off the 1st of 4 scheduled Thanksgiving day meals!

Count 'em ... 4.

Today, the station had a Thanksgiving lunch.  This Saturday, a friend of mine is having a friends Thanksgiving dinner before we all head out to see our families.  Wednesday, my 2 year old son's daycare has a Thanksgiving lunch, and then Thursday, oh yeah ... the actual holiday.

Yesterday, I got some stomach bug and still can't eat much today, so I didn't go to today's work lunch.  I stayed home and drank my ginger ale.  As my sister says, that was God's way of telling me I didn't need all those calories!

Now, I'm down to 3 big time holiday meals ... at least for Thanksgiving.  Then Christmas follows right behind ... holiday parties, more dinners etc.  

Who knows what size I'll fit into by the first of the year!