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Becky says: LONG day

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It's feels as though this has been the world's l-o-n-g-e-s-t day.     

At least it's a short week, thanks to the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday.   I had to come in early for a shoot, got stuck in traffic on I-81, finally got off the interstate and drove back roads to Wytheville, and 5 hours later finally got back to Roanoke.  The shoot went great, the drive ... not so much.

Maybe it's been a long day, because it comes after a not-so-relaxing weekend.  Saturday, a woman ran a stop sign at the mall, almost hit me and then, well, let's say gave me the not-so-friendly wave.   It then took me easily 10 minutes to find a parking space.   Happy holidays.

Then Sunday, our laundry line backed up and we had to call a company to clean it out.  At least the plumbing lines are clean and if anything, it made me laugh ... how can you not, when the crew pulls up in their "Turd Busters" truck?  ... Hahahaha!  I figure, "laundry line busters" would not be nearly as marketable, or funny.

All that being said, this fine day is in the books and I'm heading home.  

Peace out.