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Becky says: Women's Volleyball league is a go!

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GOOD NEWS!!!!  Word is the Roanoke Valley Volleyball Association plans to move forward with a women's volleyball league!  It would start in January.

My friend Lou, who has a growing email list of interested women, just gave me the word.  I just went to the RVVA web site and found this from RVVA's president ... 

"I've received quite a bit of interest from several of you ladies about a Female Only League . This league would not start until Winter League 2012. If you are interested in playing in this league e-mail me through the Contacts section of our web page. I am just trying to compile a list of participants and potential captains. Thank You!"

The exact day/times are not yet scheduled, but I'm told we would likely play Sunday, Monday or Tuesdays.

In the meantime make sure to go to the RVVA web site and email the president, Greg Grimes, to let him know of your interest.

Spread the word ... the more the merrier!  And really ... what better way to burn off those holiday calories?!