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Tuesday's Kids: Success Story

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In our Tuesday's Kids segment, we want to share yet another success story with you!

We first introduced you to Calvana more than a year ago, when she was in the second grade.

She has plenty of energy, and is very talkative and friendly.

She likes to have fun and loves to make friends, something you realize the moment you say hello.

We are happy to let you know Calvana has found her forever home!

She is now adopted and doing great with her new family.

When we first met her, she told us dress-up was a favorite of hers, and pretty clothes were her thing.  And she makes sure she always has her earrings on. All things she now gets to enjoy with her new family.

And she told us she wanted a pet turtle, no word if her new home came with turtle in tow!

While we love sharing our success stories with you, we also want to remind you there are hundreds of children still searching for their forever home.

If you would like to help, go to DePaul Community Resources' website at http://www.depaulrcr.org or you can call them at (540) 265-8923.