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Becky says: An area woman gives back ... and gives thanks

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Tonight we air our final "Giving Thanks" themed "Out and About with Becky."

We talk with a woman who tells us she lost everything in 1999 when her husband suffered a massive heart attack that did not allow him to go back to work.  They owned a flooring company.  She says the company went from bringing in $200,000 to $300,000 a year to zero.

At the time, Kim Keller, now Kim Tice (she remarried after her husband died in 2007) says she couldn't put food on the table.  Today, she's back on her feet and now volunteering her time at the Shawsville food pantry.
We head out to Feeding America Southwest Virginia and the Shawsville food pantry (Shawsville Lay Ministerial Association) to show how the two team up to help feed people who need a lift this holiday season.

Kim's story airs tonight at 10.

If you need help, or would like to help, you can call Feeding America Southwest Virginia.  They partner with almost 400 feeding programs and agencies.   Their number is 540-342-3011.