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Becky says: ewds;ljs xx xxcb

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My 2 year old is sick, and it feels like days since I've been out in the real world.  O.K., it's been a day and a half ... but it's been a long day and a half.  :)

The hardest part is juggling how to take care of him while he's out of daycare, while I still have to work.

I took yesterday off, but I plan to go in today.

Tasks as simple as checking email have taken on a new level - when you have a 2 year old chomping at the bit to 'help' out.

Annnnnd... I'm done.  He has arrived... and yep, wants to help out.

ewds;ljs xx  xxcb

(WI fkf    f dff f nf fn fdn fn fb nfg n fn gfn

Any clue what he wrote?  Me neither.

Gotta bolt, he's on the run. ... thankfully he's starting to feel better.