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Becky says: Happy Holidays!

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It's already December 1st.  Where, seriously, where has the time gone?

I judged the Vinton Christmas parade tonight and every now and then, I had to pinch myself because watching all the Christmas trees on floats and of course, Santa, was a bit surreal.

I figure that's why all the parades and lighting of Christmas trees around the area happen now ... it allows you to snap out of your "I can't believe..." daze and get into the holiday mode.

Thankfully, I have a lot of my holiday shopping complete, but I still have plenty more.   I also still need to get a Christmas tree and put up lights on the house.   Wow, the to-do list seems a bit more lengthy than I realized!

Good thing tonight's parade helped me snap out of my disbelief that it's already December.  There's no time to waste!

Tis the season!