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Becky says: That's right, I'm an NFL team owner now

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You are now looking at a Packers Shareholder ... an NFL team owner if you will.  No, no, not him ... me (I just liked that picture)... I'm the next one down, freezing on the turf of Lambeau Field.  I now need to learn to walk with a new swagger and work on my new 'tude. :)

It's a SINGLE share, which translates to a SINGLE vote.  Watch out ... you never know what I might do with that vote of mine!   Don't worry, I don't plan on firing anyone just yet.  Heck ... Maybe I'll authorize more vacation time for the front office at 1265 Lombardi.

Of course, I joked that my vote counts as one millionth of the total vote.  Then, I got on the Packers website and saw I was being a little too generous with my one millionth of a vote.  Apparently, again this is according to the Packers website ... 4,750,937 shares are owned by 112,158 stockholders.

And this sale, will add another 250,000 shares to that total.

Hmmm, guess I'll just tuck that swagger away for a rainy day and go hang up my $250 piece of wall art.

Wall art, I am VERY excited to hang!