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Becky says: NEWS = North, East, West, South

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I just received this from a viewer ...

"Hi Becky. I've got a question for ya. This might sound dumb but, I heard one time that NEWS stands for North East West and South. Is this so? Take care and thanks for accepting my friend request."

I have to admit, it caught my curiosity and with google these days, it's pretty simple to see what thoughts are out there.  Of course, keep in mind we are talking about getting 2 credible sources etc.   We are talking about wikipedia or yahoo questions where any 'ol person can speak up.

I'm fine with that, I'm not looking for "deep throat" here so I googled and here's what I found ... 

Compliments of, I found a TON of options, including "N-News E-Entertainment W-Weather S-Sports" and "NEWS = North, East, West, South."

Compliments of, I found this explanation from "honky275" (who, by the way, was voted as "best answer" by the other ... oh, 2 people who responded) "It's just a coincidence that the compass points spell out "NEWS."  The word "news" comes from reports of recent, or new, events. Similar to how "movies" are named for the way they move, and "cookies" are named for being cooked.

I would have given a similar answer, minus the cookies and movies comment.  But I have to say, I had never heard the North, East, West South dealio before, so I have now officially learned something new.  

New ... as in recent that is, not directions.