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Becky says: Sad weekend to be a Cincinnati sports fan

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Not a good weekend to be a Cincinnati sports fan.  The Bengals lost a close game and now any hopes of getting to the playoffs depends on winning a wild-card spot.  Kind of annoying, but as a Bengals fan, you kinda get used to be let down.

However, I am a Xavier University basketball fan and I don't even know how to put into words my disappointment.  They won this year's Crosstown Shootout - YAY!  But that has completely been marred by the full-on fist throwing, bench clearing fight between players with only seconds left in the game.

Every year since I can remember the University of Cincinnati and Xavier University have fought it out on the court - PLAYING BASKETBALL - and it's been a spectacular rivalry.  The crosstown shootout fills Cincinnati streets with fans decked out in their red and black or blue and white.  What I don't recall in all my memories, a game ending like this one.

I found the website, which says the rivalry dates back to the late 1920's.  No matter how long the rivalry ... it's history has a huge scar on it as of this year.

It was a complete embarrassment for the city of Cincinnati, and really just ... sad.

Right now I should be having fun trash talking my fellow U.C. friends and family about an awesome blowout by Xavier.  Instead the days to follow have been filled with press conferences about suspensions, and how this rivalry can move forward without people leaving the court with bloodied faces.