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Becky says: Travel, travel, travel

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Travel, travel, travel ...  that is my holiday season.  Always has been.  I can't say it really bothers me, I love to travel.

It's the in-between days that stink.  They are filled with laundry, packing, catching up on bills, catching up at work etc.  blah.

I headed out of town for Thanksgiving, came back home for a few days, headed to a friend's for her birthday weekend, came back home - had an ENTIRE weekend at home - then it was back to packing to fly out to see the in-laws.

I have a few days to do laundry, some last minute Christmas shopping, pack again and hit the road.

Again, the trips themselves - I LOVE - I just wish this suitcase of mine could pack itself.

'Tis the travel season.