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Becky says: Merry Green Christmas!

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We might not have snow this Christmas, but that doesn't necessarily mean we are going to have a "brown Christmas" as I've heard some call it.

I took a look around and realized today, I haven't seen this much green, this time of year ... in a long time.

I think we might actually need to mow the lawn!  Seriously - not being sarcastic at all.  I noticed some longer grass patches sprouting up that need to be lopped off.   You don't often hear the hum of a lawn mower in December.

I will say, with all the craziness ... traveling, last minute gifts, etc. the grass will have to wait until the new year.  Even more humorous, mowing in January.   Maybe if we wait until January, it will finally get cold and die off on its own.

Enjoy yourself a Merry little green Christmas!  (and yes, recycle all those gift boxes too!:)